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ALTAnet is a company founded in 1996, in Altamura (BARI), with the aim of researching and developing innovative solutions exploiting Internet innovative power. Innovation is at the heart of corporate strategy that, over time, has been able gradually, but with the right timing, to seize the new ITC tools and, leveraging them, offer highly innovative and competitive new services and solutions.
In partnership with University institutes ALTAnet participated in the realization of projects of national stature. Collaborations with the Polytechnic of Bari have been made possible thanks to two agreements signed in 2001. With the first one, ALTAnet and the Polytechnic develop works of innovation and research, making use of the expertise of the two structures; thanks to the second one, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students had the opportunity to attend, at ALTAnet premises, courses of research, guidance and training

ALTAnet is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, details about the certificate, together with other information, are available on the company website www.altanet.it


Informatica e Tecnologia s.r.l., - I&Tis established in 1992 in Lecce, with the aim of developing new information systems and new software products for the healthcare and information management markets. In 1993 they start with four human resources and two ideas: first is building a System for handling knowledge and information, the second is making a product for the management of neonatal divisions in hospitals, following a call for tender from the Italian Ministry for Scientific Research. Both ideas soon achieve economic viability and practical implementation.
Nowadays I&T Group can count on more than 700 technicians specialized in IT management and consultancy as well as software solution delivery the domains of Knowledge, Document and Process Management and Healthcare. The self-consciousness of its own ability to compete and innovate makes our Group ready to face markets beyond Italy, supported also by the success achieved in Hungary with an experimental installation of its products in a Clinic environment.

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Macnil is a computer, electronics and telecommunications company, focused on the design of integrated wireless/web and remote GSM/GPRS/ GPS systems. It realizes wireless/web solutions for the management of corporate information systems and remote control with remote access through web browsers, mobile phones, smartphones and industrial handhelds. The company also develops client applications on mobile phones for business and consumer world using innovative technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RFID, ...).
Its history begins in 1999 with the meeting between a computer expert and an electronic engineer specialized in telecommunications, both determined to exploit their expertise and know-how to create a series of products which, through the use of known technologies, were able to meet common needs. Macnil team was established, then, with the aim of creating a technology hub in southern Italy by the union of companies specialized in their field, with a common mission to provide their customers, on the domestic and international markets, with highly qualified products and services through an extensive network of dealers and distributors.

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University of Bari Aldo Moro – Department of Sciences of Antiquity and Late Antiquity - SATA
The Department of Sciences of Antiquity and Late Antiquity - SATA, constituted in 2012 from the union of the Department of Classical Studies with the Department of Classical and Christians Studies, is a center of excellence of the University of Bari in the field of research on Cultural Heritage.
The Department promotes and coordinates research activities articulated in various thematic areas: philology; history; archeology; Book sciences; Archival Science; influences, differences and conflicts in contemporary literary and history; investigation on the courses and transformations, from Classical Antiquity to Christianity, of reasons, values, concepts, ideas; Research on the luck of the classical heritage and the influence exercised by the gradual assimilation of the culture of the Bible in the Christian world.
The scientific activities are carried out by Research Groups, composed of scholars and researchers of international fame: - Greek scholars and philologists - historians and archaeologists - Latinists – experts in library studies and archival studies.
The project OpenBI has used, in particular, the collaboration and support of the scientific team of researchers at the "Unknown Heritage" Multimedia Laboratory that conducts research and studies relating to the conservation, restoration, protection, enhancement, communication, use, dematerialization of Cultural Heritage, through design, implementation, management and development of high innovative value and specific ICT: HW and SW technologies for digital acquisition of images and documents. The Laboratory also deals with the design and implementation of systems for the creation, management and preservation of digital databases; the design and implementation of digital interactive multimedia systems for the enjoyment of Cultural Heritage and recognition systems for intelligent digital databases of Cultural Heritage; multimedia interactive 3D reconstructions of Cultural Heritage.
Other important research laboratories of the department are: the Cultural Heritage Multimedia Laboratory; the Landscape Archaeology and Material Culture Laborator; the Archaeology Laboratory; the Image Laboratory.

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Prof. Alessandro Laporta
Director of the Library "Nicola Bernardini", Lecce - Scientific Advisor for book collections

Prof. Francesco de Luca
Full Professor of Archive-Keeping, Faculty of Cultural Heritage, University of Salento - Scientific Advisor for manuscripts
Dott. Nicola Barbuti
University Research Fellow of Archive-Keeping, Bibliography and Library Science, Department of Classical and Late Antiquity Sciences - University of Bari Aldo Moro - Scientific Advisor for digitization



The Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency was founded in March 2003 in Lecce, in the context of the European Programme Cultural Heritage IIIt is a legally recognized non profit association, registered in the Albo regionale dei soggetti operatori di partenariato di cooperazione internazionale e di promozione della cultura dei diritti umani (Regional Register of Operators in the field of international partnership, cooperation and promotion of the culture of the human rights) and in theRegistro Generale delle Associazioni di Promozione Sociale (National Register of Associations of Social Promotion).
In 2009, the group obtained by TUV Italy -  TUV SUD Group of Monacothe total quality certification ISO 9001, for his services of development and management of projects and training activities. The Agency works with organizations, institutions and individuals to enhance public and private actions in support of permanent policies which lead to the enhancement and protection of cultural heritage. The Agency is a member of Anna Lindh Foundation Italian Network, an international organization that promotes cooperation in the fields of culture, education, science and communication. From 2003 the association has presented and taken part to many Community, (INTERREG CADSES, CULTURE 2000, LIFELONG LEARNING, EUROPAID, MED, IPA), national and regional (POR, LIVING LABs) programs, some of them already funded. The association also organized many conferences, seminars and international meetings focused  on the development and promotion of the immense common cultural heritage.
The Euro-Mediterranean Cultural Heritage Agency is considered a benchmark for the development and management of high-profile educational and scientific projects and initiatives, aiming at supporting the development of a training system capable of intercepting innovative knowledge and, also, promoting cultural and social growth processes, and competent, at the same time to meet job market demands

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Confapi Bari e BAT is the Association of Small and Medium Industry of the Province of Bari, Barletta, Andria and Trani. It is a branch office of CONFAPI (Italian Confederation of Small and Medium Private Enterprises), representing and connecting only the small and medium corporate, individual and co-operative firms, producing goods and services. The Association is independent and non-partisan; it is a non-profit organization and its mission is to enhance on the territory the role and the development of SMEs, defending and promoting their common and general interests.
Confapi Bari and BAT represents its members at all consultative and decision-making levels of the territory, giving voice to the instances coming from its membership base, in a correct and independent relationship with the political forces; to its members, it provides advice and assistance in trade unions, social security, tax, economic, legal, technical fields, etc..; it exerts an action of information directed both within the organization, to maintain high the awareness of the members towards common problems, and outside, in order to build objective public opinion and consideration on SMEs’ problems; represents and assists member companies in dealing with the working conditions of employees, enters into business and territorial agreements, trying to prevent disputes and working towards their resolution, when they arise; enhances the development of product marketing and , leveraging ad hoc operational tools, promotes collaboration - Consortia, etc.. - between associated industries in other provinces and regions, supporting them in all of the choices dictated by the changing economic horizons

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The Cultural Association “Università dei Terroni” Onlus was founded in Lecce in April 2011 and is engaged in the promotion and safeguarding ofSocial & Cultural Heritage of Southern Italy.
It is a non-profit organization aiming to create, implement and pursue projects focused on economic and social development of Southern Italy, in particular, as well as on the promotion of tourism and cultural activities connected with the preservation and enhancement of anthropological, environmental, archaeological, landscape, historical, musical and traditional values.
In particular, the association supports information and awareness on environmental issues as well as on the connected socio-economic problems. It promotes actions aimed at the enhancement of artistic, architectural, historical heritage, including libraries, archives and museums. The association is also engaged in promoting activities finalized at supporting the historical significance of Southern Italy’s culture values, and the defense of territorial identities in the context of the euro-Mediterranean cultural heritage.